Is it a bad thing to ask a girl out alot?

I want a general idea on this subject. I met this girl and I am interested in getting to know her better. I asked her out once and she could not find a person to take care of her child. Now a event came up that I think we can both enjoy will it look desperate on my end if I ask her out to this event considering we couldn't get together the first time. Thank you for your advice.
Asked Nov 28, 2012
go ahead and ask her and if she cant again, tell her she should give you a ring when she is available. Then it will give you time to see if she really wants to go out with you or not. Just be carefull not to be the "free plate guy" when a women goes out with you based that she will get a free meal or outing with no intentions of hooking up with you. Remember "free plate guy" Good luck!!
Answered Nov 29, 2012
As long as you aren't hounding her or harassing her, then I think it's fine to show her you're really interested. I think it's more sweet than desperate.
Answered Nov 28, 2012
I dont hound her and or harass her. I know she is very busy with her child and job so I try to not be a bother which I hope doesnt hurt me that I dont talk/ text her on a daily basis. Thank you for your time and advice.

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