Laptop CPU heat.

Hi,I have bought Asus n55sl, and it is great, but when I play games, for example assasin creed III or NFS shift cpu temperature is between 85-95 dregrees celsius, I know that Intel core i7-2670 qm can go up to 100 degrees celsius, but my laptops temp goes up this high even with a cooling pad, but my friend with different asus laptop and the same processor does not have this problem, any ideas?
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Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Nov 28, 2012
If it is a used laptop, a common problem is dust and debris getting into the heat sink, restricting the air flow from the cooling system making it run hot. Laptops are very compact and sometimes they're put together in complicated ways. Unless you have good technology skills I would take it to a professional if you have any reason to believe restricted airflow might be the problem.
Answered Nov 28, 2012
I have recieved my laptop in August 2012, could this be the problem after such a short time?
hoks Nov 29, 2012
If you bought it new 5 months ago that would not be the cause unless it was operated in an extremely dusty area. What I was suggesting would take years.
I would contact support and ask if this is normal for that machine:
Rob Nov 29, 2012
Laptops contain a central processor with a fan dedicated to cooling the processor. Unlike desktops, space requirements limit the size and power of laptop fans, as well as the amount of ventilation.
Answered Nov 24, 2013

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