Why am I acting like this?

okay so if you read my previous questions.....i love my girlfriend to bits after all the hard work the long nights alone thinking and getting jelous when she was with someone else I finally got her. we've been together for 6 months now and she lives with me and my family.....it doesn't feel the same anymore :( it feels like it's all falling apart..we're really moody with each other and I don't know why. I feel like we're in competition like always tryna get one up on each other. we bearly have a decent conversation anymore. I don't know what to do I can't loose her I love her but it all feels so shit at the mo :(
Asked Nov 27, 2012
You two should go do something with eachothers friends or family members meaning go out for a day and enjoy yuorself without eachother being with you by your side.
it isnt pushing them away its just letting them breath lol!..
I also live with my boyfriend and his family for over 1 year now and that what we do and it helps in a way.
Answered Jan 13, 2013

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