How can I gain weight?

Im 9stone and doesnt matter what I eat I cant gain weight. I eat all day and im always hungry. why? I could eat a whole frickin 18" pizza loaded with all the shit you can think. 10 minutes ater Im starving so ill eat. Cant stop eating junk stuff either. Haribo, chocolate,crisps,cakes,biscuits the lot.
Asked Nov 25, 2012
Why do you want to gain weight!!?? If you're wayyy underweight, I understand, but maybe you should just consider staying the same way, you are clearly a slight and small build! As long as you excersize, eat healthily, 5 a day, and mix in junk food as well! You should be fine, but if you are anorexic, go see a doctor!! x
Answered Nov 26, 2012
To gain weight you have to combine protein foods along with starchy carbohydrates. Good fat gaining combinations tend to be bread, cereals, noodles, rice, corn or sweet potatoes coupled with meat, cheese, nuts or even sea food. Peanut butter sandwiches as well as cheese sandwiches are great weight gaining combos. The protein within the above combinations will help you to gain extra weight.

Answered Jun 09, 2014
You can gain weight if you have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle as well as exercise frequently. A balanced diet should compose of all necessary nutrients, such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc.
Here are some tips for you to gain weight quickly:
1. Consuming over three meals daily
2. Eating nutrient-rich foods
3. Eating more protein
4. Eating lots of calories
5. Drinking plenty of water
6. Engaging in a late dinner
7. Giving up smoking
8. Jotting down some notes
9. Starting exercise training
10. Taking a rest
If you want to know more details about those above tips, it is advisable that you read this article: Authority Remedies - How To Gain Weight Fast

Answered Sep 25, 2016
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Answered Oct 21, 2016
1 You should start eating food containing protein like almonds, milk, eggs etc.
2 You should start lifting weight to build muscles. Do not overdo it. Follow instructions of your gym trainer.
3 To know more about gaining weight read this.
Answered Nov 15, 2016

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