What effects does not eating lunch on a day to day basis do to your body?

i dont eat lunch at school because I dont like it now I am discovering that I am feeling tired alot I dont do this on pupose because I do athletics and I would not want to effect my body but all I wanted to know was what does not eating lunch regulary do? thanx! x
Asked Nov 20, 2012
It sounds like your dieting? Or trying to get thinner?
If you want to stop feeling tired I suggest you spending less time on your homework and going to bed early, having a FULL meal at breakfast lunch and dinner (even if its small!) and then you should feel a quick recovery! x
Answered Nov 20, 2012
Going longer without eating upsets the metabolic process by causing your glucose levels to bottom out and that causes fatigue among other things. A more constant supply of carbohydrates will maintain a level energy supply.
Answered Nov 20, 2012
If you dont eat you wont be able to function through put the day because your mind is goin to be set on eating therfore you wont be focused
Answered Oct 20, 2015

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