You can lie on a bed of nails without hurting yourself. why could you not walk on the same bed of na

Asked Nov 18, 2012
Most of your body weight is on the top and its shared equally through out it. If you lied on a bed of nails the body weight is in the same position, the weight equally spread therefore no pressure on certain area, because if there was the weight would put pressure on that area causing it to go through the nails. If you walked your whole body weight is on your feet, they would slice strait through the nails. Its all to do with weight and pressure.
Answered Nov 18, 2012
I agree completely with Thehelper101, just want to add something a little more specific. Your skin will puncture at specific number of pounds per square inch of pressure. The weight of your body on one nail will produce a lot of pounds on a tiny fraction of a square inch of area the point of the nail occupies. As you increase the number of nails, you are reducing the pounds per square inch of pressure on each nail. If the density of nails is enough, the pressure on each nail will fall below the pressure needed to puncture your skin.

The area of your feet however is much less than the area of your body so when you stand up, your body weight is the same but the number of nails is much fewer. That increases the pounds per square inch of pressure to the point they will likely puncture the skin on the bottom.

When the doctor gives you a shot, it doesn't seem like much pressure but when you calculate the area of the tiny point of the needle as a fraction of a square inch, the pounds of pressure per square inch is enormous, not because of the pressure being applied but the tiny area of the point of the needle.

Answered Nov 18, 2012
Edited Nov 18, 2012
Thank you! :D

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