My game keeps getting the code error 12 and will delete my entire game

After years of play my games keep getting deleting under this error and wont let me save and just wipes out all of my saves. why is this happening? It has happened twice in one days and I spent 7 hrs trying to redo some of what I lost. Have I just wasted my money on buying 10 sims expansion packs and years of play? I am about to never play again and you will lose a valued customer.
Asked Nov 14, 2012
EHelp is a public question and answer forum, not a business that sold you a product. Without knowing what operating system or program/game you're using, we have no more of a clue than you do.

Error codes are generated by the operating system or the software you are using. Do a search for the company that made the software, go to their support web page and ask them what error code 12 means and what can you do to fix it.
Answered Nov 15, 2012
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Answered Jun 25, 2014
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Answered Jul 02, 2014
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Answered Nov 23, 2019
Follow these steps to avoid error 12 in games:

1. Switch out of the game (switch windows using Alt + Tab on a PC)
2. Open a Windows Explorer
3. Browse to where save games are
4. Delete any folder that has a name ending in .bad
5. Try saving again

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Answered Feb 21, 2020

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