Can you help with neighbors?

I introduced the majority of the neighbors to eachother and we all got to be pretty good friends....having cookouts and dinners and girls nights out. I said something to one of the girls in the group who told that particular girl. She got angry because I didn't come to her first. I admitted I said it and apologized. She is very unforgiving and now we are not invited to anything and are the outcasts of the neighborhood. However these women have spoken ugly and said horrible things about the other women and neighbors and now these same women they talked about and hated tef are all now the best of friends. I have never compromised my convictions and have never told these other women what was said behind their backs but how can they be so hypocritical after what they have done. Should I even entertain the idea of being friends or just try to ignore them and move on? I have never been around such hateful women. How do I handle this as I feel like a prisoner in my own home/neighborhood.
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Asked Nov 11, 2012
Edited Nov 11, 2012

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