Ive been having bad stomach pain for 2 weeks

Ive been having bad stomach pain for 2 weeks?
Ive been having dull to bad stomach pains comes and go's for 2 weeks feeling nauseous in the mornings on the toilet right after eating does feel better when I go toilet loss of apetite burping a lot even from drinking water bloated my stomach rumbles when I lay down my lungs hurt when I lay on my side my breath is really smelly like poo really bad since 26th october (friday) when the pain started been off work 2 weeks now I'm off again next week I eat a triple burger from a burger van and started to feel nauseous about 20 minutes later started gagging but I wasn't sick I passed stool about 4 times not the normal dark brown colour it usely is its a light brown tan colour I took pepto bismul for a couple of days saturday to tuesday then when I woke up wednesday 31st the pain was really bad about 7/10 I was taken to hospital had my blood taken did a urine test was given co-codamol and paracetemol to stop the pain but was still there so I was given a drip and a salt water drip because I was dehydrated given antacid to try to settle my stomach the pain was still bad so I was admitted to the short stay ward I was given another drip for dehydration I was also given tramadol and buscopan had a blood test urine test x-ray ultrasound all fine but could pepto effect the tests false negatives I stayed there the night docs think its gastritis felt a bit better in the morning so I was sent home with tramadol buscopan and cyclizine which helped quite a bit to calm my stomach the pain has dyed down now but I still dont feel right how I normally would feel so I went to my gp on thursday she felt my stomach said it was soft and tender took my blood pressure etc told me to do a stool test I gave this in today 9th nov she gave me a prescription for cyclizine buscopan and paracetemol until monday but before I had my blood test at hospital I had taken pepto bismul 1 day before that ago 9 days ago now fri 9th nov will be 12 on monday which I have read can corrupt the result of the blood and stool test (false negative) my gp now wants me to do another blood test on monday 12th november but will it be worth it because ive had pepto only 9 days ago also the same applies to the stool antigen test for helicobacter pylori will I have to do it again it says not to do the stool test for a month which I have already gave in today after taking pepto it says the same for blood is this true? also they said if the pain doesnt go I might have to get an endoscopy but will it still show up because ive had pepto basically my questions are what do you think it is if not gastritis or helicobacter pylori ? how long will it take to go ? does the pepto effect test results ? and is it worth getting a endoscopy? sorry for the rant any help much appreciated
Asked Nov 10, 2012
The answer is to follow the advice of the medical professionals you are seeing. Getting medical advice on the Internet can be dangerous.
Answered Nov 10, 2012
Edited Nov 10, 2012

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