How can I kill myself without anyone knowing

I'm beyond help here, so, if u try to help I will just ignore it. Forget it.

I do this for my own sake, for my own happiness. I will be happier if I'm dead than staying in this world.

I do care about my family, but this is just too painful. I prefer to hurt them. I know it hurt my family... but I just want to end this....

I know cyanide poisoning from google, but it is hard to find, and even if a pharmacy have it, they won't sell it. I'm willing to commit bad things like stealing but, I don't know how cyanide looks like.

So, I need an alternative. I don't care if it is painful. I no longer care. But I need something that will make sure I will die and.... no one will know that I died because I killed myself.

I live in Asia, and things probably so different here. I need to know where I can get things that will kill me, yet no one will notice that die killing myself...

I'm sick of this beautiful lie, I prefer the painful truth :P

Edit: Oh I'm 21 and I have had enough beautiful time.
Someone gave me happiness, but the's also the reason why I want to die now. That is the only time when I really feel happiness.

Please Understand.

Edit: I would shot myself if I can, but u wont be able to get ur hand on a gun here.
Asked Nov 08, 2012
Edited Nov 09, 2012
join the RAF, my parents said that's suicide
Omg, this was posted so long ago,........... Are you still there?
Lana312 May 27, 2013
I-i want t-to kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
Find a river with crocodiles and jump in there. That's how I would do it
i have been trying to kill myself for over 8 years and I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's pretty selfish, considering some people fight to live everyday.
Answered May 27, 2013
Word! This is a good answer!
people fight to live, but itd be nice to still have one more person alive
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
I'll be your life,your voice,your reasons to be.
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
and some people have shit lives. must be nice, not knowing what that feels like. lol, selfish my ass
don't you dare kill yourself!

you were given a life don't waste it please
Answered Apr 30, 2013
please listen to me don't kill yourself
I could not give 2 shits about this Asian cunt slit your rist but first learn how to use grammer in its proper form dumb fucker.
Dear Cuntfucker
I hope you get this I want to thank you for reassuring me that Satan is alive and still working hard in the world to bring and keep any person as low as possible
I will bet you have ruined a lot of lives and have no control over yourself your feeling or actions
Satan has all control I bet you couldn't do a true loving gesture
You don't have to commit suicide cuntfucker your already dead at least your soul is and you are under control of anger, hostility, evil.. hmm I would call that a demon yup that's it and because of it although you try to sound tough your a slave to anger and hostility ..that would make you very weak! From what I read your the one that needs sad
Take what I say seriously and try to get help before your life is over!!
The truth observer
How does that help one kill thy self??? Can't stand these responses.
I want to kill myself because I'm getting bullied at school and I tell so many adults but they do nothing. I'm sick and tired of it. I want to kill myself without my parents finding out what I did.
why not go hitchhiking round the world?
Answered May 01, 2013
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
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Valerin Mar 25, 2014
Sadness or happiness,,all have an end...feeling that everything is useless and the interest in living lost...

No problem,,, falling from a high area is a way of dying that anyone may think that you fall without wanting,,,especially if you made a previous story of what you want to do as a person who is interesting in life,,,

Try to read that and what ever you decide it'll always be your own decisions that you alone have the responsibility of it as long as you can think....

To search for a way yourself will help you feel better to be able at last to find the way of dying yourself,,,

emmm,,,If you want to have an end for your life then all will know that you are weak enough to not be able to keep in that life and make a reason of the presence to help those who like it to keep in at last...

To be foolish enough to ask people their help to kill yourself is just a way to tell all people that you 'll be brave and do that and also 'll let them all know,,,

If I 'm on your position I may hate the life but I won't accept that anyone may say that I'm weak and can't face the life bothering presence,,,
What they say may not be important,,,but I'll say that myself,,,
There is a reason and a special thing that you are able to do you only,,,what is it? can you tell ? No you've no enough time to do that. coz you have to die..How much you know yourself?
your family,,, why will care if you die and you said that you care about their feelings then how is that contrariety?? you really care about your own opinion not theirs...

I'm not trying to help you to go through that depression coz. it is obvious that there is a REASON to make this search of life loss ways...

but I want you to think the same my dear friend did before once she hate it, and decided not to stay for herself but to enjoy watching the others who fear from dying to death and try to help them focus on the truth of life and just at end she'll die why to not try being patient for that coz. she did that wait for long enough time...

There are many medical ways that will result in a heart attack and so on you'll die the fastest but anyone can tell that you did that yourself...

s\he who gave you happiness 'll regret that and 'll always think that s\he is responsible for that loss,,
can you think for others and neglect the focus on yourself wish...

all are up to you...
I can't either purify u a wish...
Answered Nov 09, 2012
:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
Valerin Mar 25, 2014
You say, "I do this for my own sake, for my own happiness", how do you know this is true? How do you know whether it won't be worse than now? Our mind always tricks us.
I don't know your circumstances, so I can't give real advice, but why can't you just look at your life as big challenge? If it is really unbearable, how about moving to another country? Be wise, remember that if you have willpower, everything depends on you.
Answered Nov 15, 2012
I will rape your mom
unless you live in a land locked country you could always rent out a boat and drown yourself. most would think you had an accident and it would be difficullt to find the body for a forensic examination.
Answered Jan 12, 2013
woah 2013 people be running in theese comments like there gonna win a race
if get u have freinds or family you dont want being charged drown yourself if you dont slit your throat or jump off something high but remember you always regret it and remember the good things in your life when your falling
Answered Jan 12, 2013
Edited Jan 12, 2013
Listen I know u are going to ignore anyone tryst to keep u from killing itself so I'm not gonna stop u I wont tell u u will regret it either cuz u never regret anything. But I will say that u should wait. See where life takes u not kill itself. God has a reason for creating everyone please please just rethink what ur doing if u still want to kill ur self then fine but please just rethink it first.
Answered May 01, 2013
well done guys most of u have most probably killed someone well done I am clapping at u all ha ha ha anyways dont kill urself u were made for a reason it may be bad right now but things will get better xoxo
Answered May 27, 2013
Their is a girl on this and her name is beautiful_girl and her page is about to stop thinking about killing yourself
Answered Mar 26, 2014
i think if someone wants to end their life that up to them no know"s how some feel and I can't have kids but the one who rewind up killing them or give them up.I wish someone could give a baby to love.and not just kill them!
Answered Apr 20, 2014
normally when somebody says they are going to kill themselves its a cry for help,
i suggest you talk to someone like an old school teacher or a doctor,just get through this hard time and I promise things will get easier,remember if you kill yourself it wont only be yourself you hurt,dont listen to these idiots giving you advice to kill yourself they dont care about you.
Answered Apr 20, 2014
I know this is from a long time ago, but im goi mg to answer anyway. If u went with it, even though I have no idea who you are, I miss you like hell. If you havent gone through, im glad. Congratulations. Thank you for not doing so.
There are a few different people on this site:
1. The depression gurus like me and you who hope for help against our demons and we cant take our own advice.
2. The super helpful ones who can help the depressed and they live this perfect life.
3. The dicks like grumpizza who say stupid, rude shit to people like you, and I want to tell you not to listen to them. Chances are, they are in a fragile state as well, and you can conquer this and hold ur head up from people like that.
I know im the prime example of someone that shouldnt tell you not to kill yourself because I cant even stop myself from the will, but I think you should still hear me out. I know that its tough right now, believe me, but someone on this site told me that everything is positive unless you look at it with a negative eye, yet everything is negative unless you look with a postitive eye. You are surrounded by people who love you, and even though you dont think so, you are a great person- even if I dont know you. You are destined for great things.
I know everyone says this, but they wouldnt if it werent true, right?
So, if you went through with it, im sorry, but if u held it out like the strong person you are, good. And I hope you read this soon.
Answered Apr 20, 2014
Why would you want to kill yourself? Email me here is you want to tell me without anyone else seeing it: [email protected]
Answered May 15, 2014
A great solution to all of you question .. dont feel bad first k . Feel free to do this better go for post mortem donate all your valuable organs at least a heart failure , kidney failure or blind many more are helpless in this who can make thier life happily by your donation . Dont think or worry that your organs goes in dustbin or sell it to other iii its usefull to every one who need it ...
Answered Nov 01, 2014
I mean if you want to commit suicide, you could went to sailing or whatever, and when you dive into the water, just hold your breathe. Don't try to breathe and you'll drown eventually. Others May thought you were just died because drowning.
I know the feeling of wanting to commit suicide, I really do. Sometimes we wanted to be selfish and don't care about others too much, we have care about them too much before already, and that hurt. Sometimes we wanted to of ourselves a favour, to ended all these pain. But remember, no matter how hard it is, we have to fought, not for others, but for our god. He gave us a precious life and no matter you like it or not, you have to treasure it. After been through all the hard time, you will find yourself with a lots of story no one else is told, you will be the special one, the strong one, the happy one. Believe me. Xx
Stay strong
Answered Dec 08, 2014
I live in a marriage that I believe in. I have made many mistakes and regret so much but I can't retrieve anything my wife will not let anything in and I am in a continual vortex of nothing I can do is right and everything I do is wrong...
I love my wife and children and have done everything in the belief of that. I have done all I can in believing and doing what I believe is right. Because I love them. But I cannot be the brunt of everything anymore. I need to leave. I believed in my Solum promises at my wedding but I would rather die than break them if you understand. I can't be the brunt of every single thing. It's too much to bear....

I just need a gracefull way without hurting my family is the least possible way...
It hurts when you love them all but in the end for the greater good....
Answered Dec 21, 2014
Edited Dec 21, 2014
I had a but of a suicidal past.. How ever I realised that so many people risk their lives so that we can live, who gave us the right to to end our lives? And make them feel like their work has gone in vain? Soldiers, police, etc, risk their lives for you.... Why would you make them feel like their work has gone in vain?
Answered Dec 22, 2014
Unless you know what this person is feeling / what he/she has been through
Do not judge
People who are sick and want to live because they want to live
If things are so bad and one decides to go peacefully, let it be
The accumulated pain and suffering for the individual may be intolerable
Life is a gift
Gift and happiness are two independent things
Answered Feb 25, 2015
I want to kill myself or have someone kill me. Im only 10 years old and cant deal with all this bull shit that is going on in my life. Im getting bullyed at my school, I get yelled at all the time, I cut myself, my family hates me, I go to thearapy,i hate my life(it sucks).I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think I know what I am going to do. im going to get something sharp and cut my rists. its the best thing I can do.
Answered Nov 27, 2015
Edited Nov 27, 2015
Help me I'm going to kill myself can anybody here me
Answered Dec 08, 2015
I hear you I'm 11 and I want to die so bad because I'm getting bullied at school so bad and I'm telling so many adults even the principal but nobody's doing anything and I'm sick and tired of it and nobody understands they say they are bending over backwards to try and help me but they are not fucking doing anything and I just want to fucking die!!!
I definitely hear you. I'm 13 and came on here to find a way to die without anyone knowing. This was quite some time ago but ill post this. I'm heartbroken therefore I have no place here. I tell people and even go to therapy. If I say I want to die, all they say is it'll be ok, then call my grandmother. My actual mother doesn't care about me. I suffer from PTSD and depression. Tell me a way to easily die so I can leave this hell hole.
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Answered Nov 11, 2016
I don't want to live. everything became a chore and my brain is poisoned and my life is a curse. Separation from loved ones sucks but it's the only way to escape this pain! I don't see myself getting out of my predicament without hundreds of thousands of dollars and after all of it I'm still going to feel worthless and still money doesn't mean more than life but I don't want more. I don't want to be the suicide watch kind of insane so I leave my friends and nobody knows me anymore.
Answered Nov 28, 2016
were almost same I always feel rejected as if they know me when they need me and after that they treat me as a trash. shouting at me blaming everything on me to think that they arey family, hahahaha I always talk to my self about it everytime I experience it. I dont know if im theyre true son but it doesnt matter afterall Im already used to it and if someday I disappear maybe may not affect them hahaha. im also asian. so please tell me where can I find that drug. Please let me end this im too tired. I still love them thats why I want to die without their knowing. So please tell me where can I find it.
Answered Mar 04, 2017
Why you want to kill yourself? If you are suffering from any problem you can share with someone or you can consult any psychiatrist for help. There are many online portals where you can find all types of mental health professionals. Please visit WelcomeMind for more details.
Answered Mar 09, 2017
Best way is put a fake smile on your face, act like you're happy, and the next day kill yourself. No one would have notice you were depressed or were gonna kill yourself.
Answered May 09, 2017
Hi I'm only 11 and I've been bullied my entire life my mum hates me same with my dad I think my sister is my only friend and I'll lose her to if I die but I guess that's what you get. I'm looking for a quick easy way to die not to painful though as I'm only 11 and don't try to help cause nothing has meaning to me any more I'm empty inside and my soul is black I can't live like this any more.

I've tried killing myself twice already but somehow it didn't work I drank liter fluid tried overdocing on medicine I've tried every thing tell me how to do it please.

And if you want to help don't it'll make all the pain worse
Answered Dec 11, 2017
Edited Dec 11, 2017
don't do it
Answered Dec 12, 2017
Drink Bleach, Slit wrists, Jump off a roof (do a flip at least), Shoot yourself in the head, Meme yourself to death (KYS FAGGOT), Shoot yourself again but this time only in vital organs and the dick, Jump into oncoming traffic, jump into a oncoming train, and last but not least ALAHU AKBHAR. There you go that is your answer right there. Now don't hesitate do it now, or call this number to help your whole suicidal needs, 1-(800)-KYS-FGGT, they will help you with your KYS automatically. Hope I've been some help see you in hell as well. P.S. if you see a demon sucking off the SATAN to keep me as a slave instead of burning forever feel free to join in anytime because SATAN has multiple dicks, and by that I mean like at least 5 big ones, the other are just small nubs so bye.
Answered Dec 22, 2017
monoxide poisoningis a painless way to go... u will need a a car and you should Block it's vehicle muffler... after a few minutes carbon monoxide will fill the inside the car(turning on Your airconditioner will make it faster) if you stay in there for max 30 minutes.. you will get Your most awaited results... make sure you think about this though.... its really hard for those who are alive to move on knowing that you could have a longer life.. do not give up just yet....
Answered Dec 23, 2017

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