How do I persuade my parents I need braces?

I feel so unhappy and self-concious about my teeth. They're not exactly an absolute mess, but they are crooked, a few gaps in between them etc. I just, really do not like my teeth and I feel I NEED braces.
But my parents just keep telling me to stop talking about it because I don't need them, they just won't believe me. They haven't even looked at my teeth properly. No matter how much I ask they just keep saying "no you don't need them."
So they won't even take me to the dentist!
How do I persuade my parents that I need braces? Or to atleast take me to the dentist and find out for sure?

I'm 13 btw.
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Asked Nov 08, 2012
Edited Nov 08, 2012
Braces are very expensive. A parent is obligated to do their best to take care of you and get you to adulthood so you can manage your own life. They aren't obligated to remove every imperfection along the way. Consider whether the obstacle might be their ability to pay for them.
Answered Nov 08, 2012
If you say to your parents your teeth or causing you pain they are probably more likely to take you. But u must remember braces are very expensive if your under 18 they will come free but only if you really need them... Good luck xxx
Answered Dec 31, 2012

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