What can cause my air condition not working the light comes on an then blink off?

Asked Nov 06, 2012
You don't say why you think the problem is an electrical problem. The only thing electrical in the typical auto air conditioner is the fan that circulates the air and the switch that engages the compressor.

With the engine running, the compressor should engage when you turn the AC on. It will make a clicking sound. When it has run a few minutes, verify that the compressor is working by feeling the hoses that go from the compressor to the fan inside the auto. One of them should be very cold if it's working. If that is the case then the problem is indeed the fan under the dashboard.

Answered Nov 07, 2012
Air conditioner light blinking is a major problem in homes that sport this gadget. several things might have caused behind it. So get any professional AC technician for solve it. To know more details visit at- alliedallcityinc.com
Answered Nov 03, 2015
You should have your air conditioning unit inspected and if that proves nothing, have your electrical system inspected. It may not be an issue with the air conditioner itself but rather with the electrical system. Good luck!
Answered Mar 29, 2016

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