Is ten years older to old?

I met someone and we really get on well, things have moved just at the right place, he makes me feel like I can do anything and be anything and generally brings out the best in me, age has never really come up although I did know he was older than me, I recently found out it was ten years older, (its legal im 19), were both students and are on the same page life wise, it is sort of past the initial dating stage, we have slept together, but do I just keep it as friends now instead?

I love spending time with him and am starting to get attached, if things get more serious im worried about the future etc, and would rather let go now before I am too involved (although I dont think this is what I want)
Asked Nov 04, 2012
Wait so you had sex with a 29 year old and your only 19? Plz tell me your joking :(
If you are fortunate enough to find the right person for you, age should never be a deal breaker.
Answered Nov 04, 2012
Edited Nov 05, 2012
Age is not so important till the time when the differences between two generation doesn't play too big role and doesn't make the misunderstandings.
Answered Nov 05, 2012
age is just a number. your parents or any1 like that would go "oh geez" but you love him and I know what its like to love someone who doesn't love someone but have things stand in the way. he may not be the one but if you love him and hate that this is standing in your way. just love him and wait and see. whats meant to happen wil happen
Answered Nov 06, 2012

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