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So I'm 12, is a 5.5 inch dick big, average, or small for my age?
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Asked Nov 03, 2012
That is big for your age......the average is 2 inches
Answered Nov 05, 2012
WHOA LOL average is deifnettly not 2, I have a 6
Answered Dec 20, 2012
Mmm... mate ur ok
Answered Jan 09, 2013
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Answered Feb 08, 2014
i would say that is big
Answered Feb 08, 2014
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Answered Mar 06, 2014
The average erect penis size is 6 inches so you are doing very well. By the time you are 18 you should be right around there. But you have to make sure you keep the skin clean and smooth or your size will not matter. Use one of those penis health cremes they have on the market nowadays. These are very easy to use and will keep your penis looking and feeling good. Your partner(s) will love this. Good luck!
Answered Nov 03, 2016
Average penis is less than 6 inches guys, so don't worry. Regardless, make sure to use a penis health creme daily to ensure that the area is getting the proper amount of vitamins and proteins... this will keep it functioning at a high level and extra clean too. Man1 Man Oil is a good creme... check it out.
Answered Mar 24, 2020

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