Are the regulations for the coal industry the politicians are calling a war on coal .

to decrease pollution?
As I understand the regulated emissions, if they are not regulated the coal companies will make more money and the increased pollution of a wide variety of toxic substances, will have health consequences.
So who in their right mind would vote to give a big corporate entity more money at the expense of publiuc health?
Asked Nov 02, 2012
By now everybody should be aware that political campaigns come up with any catch phrase that they believe will help their chances of getting elected. There is no question that clean energy is a better choice if all things were equal, but they aren't. Big corporations hire a lot of people and we have a severe unemployment problem. Changing to cleaner ways to produce electricity costs a lot of money and ultimately the end users will have to pay for that transition in their electric bills.

Both the Bush and Obama Administrations have tightened regulations on the coal industry and they have done a lot to reduce pollution at coal fired plants.

Anybody "in their right mind" should understand that it would be insane to shut down the use of coal without something to replace it that wouldn't bankrupt the country. The sensible solution is a very slow transition that will take place over many administrations as cleaner methods become available.
Answered Nov 02, 2012
Edited Nov 02, 2012

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