Am I wasting my time? Help please :(

Right so there's this girl at college and I just cant figure her out. My gaydar isn't exactly the best in the world but I do get a vibe from her especially when we hold eye contact I really like her but I just cant tell if im wasting my time or not? Sometimes she won't hold eye contact for more than 5 seconds then other times she'll hold it for a bit longer and look away..Or other times I try to catch her attention but she tends to stay focused on what shes doing. I do catch her looking at me sometimes and suddenly looks away but she's so quiet! She never talks about boyfriends or anything like that.. But when we talks to me shes really smiley but goes shy again? If we're just standing talking she'll hold her arms and sort of go quiet'ish..I think theres a vibe between us, Like I cant tell if I'm just reading into this and hoping there is something there but there's actually not??? So can someone please help me because I'm no good with this! :-(
Asked Oct 27, 2012
Thanks for your answer, I'd love to think you're right but I don't know! You realise I'm a girl also? Because my main issue is not knowing is she's straight, gay or bi? How do I tell? I don't really know her that well and I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her alone, so I can't suss her out! Part of me thinks she is but I don't want to make any hints just incase it turns out she's straight. Plus when I message her I usually get a reply shortly after but then I don't always get another reply, she lets the conversation die out, thats not a good sign is it :(
No,I'm sorry.Didn't realise.You still don't have anything to lose.Talk to her!Even if she finds it weird that you like her,that doesnt mean you don't have a chance.If she has a problem with you being lesbian/disgusted by it,she's just not worth it.I'm also lesbian,by the way :)
Probably should of said that then shouldn't I? Oops. But anyway by my description does it sound like she's any bit interested? New to this to be honest :-(
She does.(:
I cant see it...
I think you two have a chance.Tell her you like her.If she says she doesn't feel the same way,then okay.You've got nothing to lose.If she doesn't like you,that doesn't mean you're not great.By the way that you describe the situation,it seems that she has some feelings for you.She may not be speaking of boyfriends because she doesn't want to scare you away.But if you think she's the type of girl that will mock you and laugh at you for liking her,she's just not worthy enough for you.But it seems like she won't,so it won't hurt to try!
Answered Oct 28, 2012

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