What Do Guys Look For In A Girl?

Hi Ehelp , Long Time No See!
I Have A Question. What Do Guys Look For In A Girl . I Thought They Liked Bad Girls And Then I Thought They Liked The Good Girl Type. Honestley What Do They Look For ?!?!

Asked Oct 24, 2012
If you "no see" it's your bad. We been here all along. :-)

Not all guys look for the same thing and they sometimes look at girls very differently when they're looking for sex than when they want a permanent relationship. The answer is to set standards for yourself and only date guys that meet those standards. Keep a list of those you've dated and the reason it didn't work out and never make the same mistake twice.
Answered Oct 24, 2012
Yay! Nice to see you again. Welcome back. :-)

Surprise, surprise... I agree with Rob.

If you think about what guys want, then you give THEM the power to pick... and that means you contort yourself into what ever shape THEY want you to be in so that THEY can more easily get what THEY want from you. YOU should be in the driver's seat. Set goals for yourself and become the best you possible. Only choose guys who want to achieve similar goals, and who will support you in becoming what YOU want you to become, not what THEY want you to become. Remember your self-esteem comes from YOURSELF, not from other people or what they think of you.

The failed-relationship-mistake list is a great idea. That'll help you keep moving forward, not backward.
Answered Oct 24, 2012
Thanks Guys
Abrii Oct 24, 2012
Oh hey there! Welcome back! I previously just came back as well, but not tight on the site cause of school. I'll answer this as if a friend asked me.

I look for a gal who's there. Someone I can lean against. Someone that can be a best friend, and a lover at the same time. I want a girl who I trust, a girl that I can have a strong relationship in. A gal that's nice, and caring, and is there for me when I need her. But she has to be understanding. Now I can't really say that she HAS too, because that'd be expecting something out of her. Now looks do count, but they don't count as much as personality does.

Yeah looks are what reels a guy in, but personality makes her a keeper. It varies for guys. This is just my view and what I like/look for in a girl (:
Answered Oct 25, 2012

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