Is this another girl likes me too? by the way I am a girl too.

I am 14 . And there's a girl in our school whom I want to see everyday. I also always check her in my FB chatlist if she's online,i do prayed for her everynight. I always think about her wherever I am. I think I already love her, cause when I see her,it makes me happy and energized. Everyday in school,if there's a chance to look at her, I do. Then if she looks back at me ,my heart beats faster. Thrice or four times, I caught her staring at me. and twice I caught her glancing at me after she did that,she smiles and look in other direction. What's the meaning of that? Then this happen, I am in our classroom then she is outside near our room unexpectedly when I look at her she's already staring at me then we made an eyecontact for 5secs. I'm the first one who looked right away because i'm already blushing. What can you say about it?
Asked Oct 17, 2012
Well, you told that she stares at you so it implies that she is interested in you. And that your eye contact lasted for about 5 seconds means that is is totally into you!! If this staring thing is still on then do this...if you talk with her notice her body language and if she is leaning towards you when talking then she is into you and if her legs are spaced very apart(not much but much then usual or something) then you can be sure...also if her pupils dilate when she looks at you then you know she likes you(or maybe loves you!).
Answered Nov 08, 2012
thank you :) but we're not close,we don't talk to each other, But we know each other by name and face, coz we're kinda popular in school. Anyway, the thing is we're not close but we find each other looking into each other, for me I already love her coz I want to see her everyday and I want to talk with and hug her. So Is it possible that she could be inlove with me too? coz when I am near her she acts differently and hyper, and when I look at her ,she looks right in other direction then smile. I don't know help me please

smsmsm Nov 24, 2012
You just explained my story! I'm also 14 and this girl keeps watching me and everytime I look at her she smiles and then looks away. We have never talked but I really want to talk to her and give her hugs
Answered Nov 27, 2013

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