I Hurt my Knee. Please answer fast.

I was running outside about an hour ago. I tripped and fell on my knee on the driveway. The place where I hit it is sharp and jagged (concrete, aged and weathered.) It hurts really bad. I can't extend it or bend it at all without getting an intense pulse of pain through my whole leg. When I don't move it, about every 30 seconds to a minute I get a small pulse of pain through my leg. Another thing is, I'm a quiet guy, always have been. Which means I don't really show my emotions or pain. I just kind of try to walk it off. I think this is why my mom isn't believing me. So if anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. If it doesn't get better by the morning, should I stay home from school? Should I use heat or ice? Anything would be VERY appreciated.
Asked Oct 14, 2012
If it's swelling, put ice on it and see a doctor. I won't hurt any less at home than at school. Unless you have a problem walking, go to school. Listen to your mom.
Answered Oct 14, 2012
You could try RICE:
Rest (don't put weight on it)
Compression (wrapping it with elastic bandages)

If your mother thinks it ok, take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. That'll help minimize more damage caused by swelling.
Answered Oct 15, 2012
You should apply an ice pack and if you have too much swelling then you should take rest some time and go for X-Ray.
Answered Jan 18, 2019

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