If I have my periode every mounth after have sex does that mean I'm prego

Asked Oct 14, 2012
No. At the web page below there are 9 links on the bottom right of the page. If you read and understand all of that information, it will tell you what you need to know. It is very wise to understand how it works BEFORE you do it, not wait until after.

Planned Parenthood
Answered Oct 14, 2012
So I'm not . Cuz I think it's the holding water that's makeing me look biger . So I'm not prego .
Your question was, "If I have my periode every mounth after have sex does that mean I'm prego?" I'm saying no, that does not mean you're pregnant. Read the information.
Rob Oct 14, 2012
But is it normal 4 after sex ur cycle to be messed up but u still have ur cycle onec amounth . And I did read the info and thanks for the info as well
No, having sex should not change your menstral patterns... unless something is wrong and you need to see a doctor.

If you don't understand enough about how your body works to not have to ask this question (and it's good that you asked if you need to know), then no way in the world should you be sexually active. This is how unplanned pregnancies happen.

Look over the info I posted in your other question.
Answered Oct 15, 2012

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