I am 14, and is planning to ask a girl out

Again, I am 14 years old, and has a huge crush on this girl, and is planning on asking her out over the weekend. Currently I have asked her on facebook, but haevn't gotten a response, maybe cause she's not online, so i'm planning another approach. How should I ask, and over what media, since I can't meet in person, as I do not know where she lives.
Asked Oct 12, 2012
How do you know her if you don't know where she lives, first of all? Never mind that, if you met her at school, then I would suggest doing it in person (at school, not at her house as your question would suggest you were pondering). NOT too soon, though! You don't want to nag... She may have seen it and is talking it over with her friends, (as I would have done, LOL) or is maybe (worst case scenario) trying to find a way to let you down easily. Now, now, I did read your question... "haevn't gotten a response, maybe cause she's not online," and it is a very likely possibility. Maybe email or call her because, on Facebook, there are phone numbers and email addresses. Hope I helped! :D
Answered Oct 13, 2012
Edited Oct 13, 2012
That is not useful at all. Mine is much betttttttttttter!!!
well that was unecsesary
Kiruse Nov 28, 2012
At school it is embrasing to ask a girl out. If that would happen to me I would say no. So always give her a sticky note and say meet me at a park or somewhere else except school and wear her family is around. Or unless her family is used to having boys around. Mine care. Or give her a sticky note and ask her out. They wouldn't be the greatest idea but if you don't have any time just do that. And btw your 14!!!! Your not suppose to be on this. And another your either a freshman or a 8th grader, wait till your 10th grader!!!!!! GOSH!
Answered Oct 27, 2012
I would try to get to know her where ever you have met before and then ask her out
Answered Nov 19, 2012

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