Should I buy a 27" imac or buy two, less powerful, 21.5" imacs?

I do some video editing which is why the 27" is appealing, but I would really love to have two monitors/displays. I have a budget of around 2300, but if anyone has any better configuration ideas let me know.
Asked Oct 10, 2012
The answer hinges on whether two displays would be more valuable in what you use them for than 5.5 inches extra on one larger monitor. In the two monitor setup it would be critical to make sure the dual monitor system will do what you have planned for it. I have a dual monitor system but it has limitations.
Answered Oct 10, 2012
care to expand on the limitations?
fizish7 Oct 10, 2012
My system will put one screen over the other, expanding the view vertically or display it side by side expanding the view horizontally but it will not display two different views. I tried to run a flight simulator on it using one monitor for the forward view and the other the left side view but it displayed the same view on both. That may be a limitation of the software and not the monitors though. It might be worthwhile to "try before you buy" if that's possible to insure it will do what you want.
Rob Oct 10, 2012

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