I had unprotected sex 15 days ago, only for a couple of minutes , he didnt finish until a while aft

had unprotected sex for a couple of minutes, he didnt finish. my period is 2 days late, what should I do
Asked Oct 07, 2012
Most women ovulate around 2 weeks before the first day of their period. Based on the info you gave, you were in/close to your fertile time when you had unprotected sex. It's possible you could be late due to other hormonal shifts caused by stressing over possibly being pregnant. Take a pregnancy test that is effective at this early stage to know for sure.
Answered Oct 07, 2012
remember you can get pregnant without him finishing as during intercourse sperm does come out..take a test dont let it stress you out
Answered Oct 07, 2012
Sperm are microscopic cells. You can't see them... and it only takes one to hit the mark.

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