Why doesn't my spouse of almost 20yrs not have to pay?

My husband and I are getting a divorce after being married for almost twenty years. I have a 30yr work history and fought for my disability for almost 10yrs and never got it. nor will I get my last appeal was in 2006. I our son is also on ssi he is badly asthmatic and has had two knee surgeries. he has a plate and screws in his knee. When I found out that my lazy spouse is now getting ssdi. I went and filed for an increase in child support and for spousal support. And the court mediator said that I could'nt get either she said that if anything that I would probably get a decrease. and I told her that my son and I can't get buy on what were getting now. And she said well I guess your son will have to just get a job. my husband hardly ever worked during our entire marrage. He went and got a part time job worked for six months and then left his job claiming to be injured. He filed for ssdi and less than eight months later was approved on his first application . I fought for mines for almost 10yrs and never got it. but I guess it does help if your white!By the way our son is 18yrs old and this is his last year of high school.
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Asked Oct 06, 2012
Edited Oct 06, 2012
All of the dealings I have had with the Social Security Administration I have found them to be fair, honest and interested in seeing that their clients received all of the benefits they are entitled to get. If you have evidence that you were discriminated against in the process you should see a lawyer.
Answered Oct 06, 2012

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