Four Service Characteristics this one is in marketing please help me

1. What characteristics should a brand name have – think of L’Eggs Pantyhose, Bisquik (quick biscuits), Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Kleenex (thought to ponder-- is Kleenex a brand name of a type if product), Hamburger Helper – now answer the question.

2. Explain the “Four Service Characteristics?
3. Provide a service you have used and how that company used the Four Service Characteristics – if they were successful explain why and if they were not successful explain why?
Asked Oct 05, 2012
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4 Characteristics that are very important for marketing, these are-

1. Customer-orientation
2. Marketing Research
3. Marketing Planning
4. Customer Satisfaction
Answered Aug 27, 2015
There are four very important Characteristics for marketing, these are-
1) Intangibility
2) Inseparability
3) Perishability
4) Variability

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