What are the chances of falling pregnant using the withdrawal method?

What are the chances of falling pregnant if you have unprotected sex but use the withdrawal method, he cum's and then not long after (without him urinating) you have unprotected sex again using the withdrawal method also... And it's while your around your fertile phase too..?
Asked Oct 04, 2012
Your chances of getting pregnant under those circumstances are VERY GOOD! The "withdrawal method" is not a contraceptive method. It depends on everything being perfect, and it rarely is. This "method" eventually fails.

If you did this less than 72 hours ago -- and you weren't trying to get pregnant on purpose -- then you might want look into emergency contraception like Plan B. http://www.planbonestep.com/

If it's later than 72 hours or if emergency contraception is not an option for you, then you would have to take a pregnancy test to know for sure if you're pregnant.
Answered Oct 04, 2012
There is a saying that goes.... "you know what they call people who use the withdrawal (pull-out) method?....... parents." It is risky business. Use a condom.. every time. And get your man to use an antibacterial penis health creme as well. This will ensure that his penis is extra clean for condom-less sex acts like oral etc. Keep in mind that he can transfer all sorts of bacteria to you that can lead to odors, infections and more. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Jun 05, 2017
Edited Jun 05, 2017

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