What are the disadvantages of php development?

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Asked Oct 01, 2012
Php is a scripting language that cannot be compiled. That means if you make a web site for someone else, they get the source code and they can change it and possibly redistribute it. It is also more complicated and requires a higher degree of expertise than other web solution software.

Answered Oct 01, 2012
Because it requires more skill, you really need to go with someone who is more experienced, which is much more expensive than the average "friend who does web design."
Php development is not that user friendly and one being it can take more time to get your website published.

Answered Dec 04, 2012
PHP is a low security scripting language. Everyone can change your code, means if you made a website for your client then client can also change the scripting code easily. It`s only the disadvantage of PHP language. I am working with http://www.essindia.com and made many PHP web development site websites. Despite of many disadvantage I like to make website in PHP language. I like Magento, Joomla and Cake for the development.
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Every language has its own advantages and disadvantages over other languages. This article http://www.allerin.com/blog/ruby-on-rails-vs-other-languages/ discusses disadvantage of PhP over Ruby language.
Answered Jan 02, 2014
Edited Jan 02, 2014
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