Help I cant go to the toilet

i cant go to the toilet or poop. I cant even pee. I go there and sit down since im constipated ik that much and I try and push to get it out but it hurts like hell really badly and all that comes out is liquid. When I sit down its really uncomfortable. I've taken tablets to try and help me go but it doesnt work. I havent been able to go for 2 days now almost . HELP
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Asked Sep 29, 2012
If either your doctor's office or insurance company operate a nurse's line, call asap for good, medical advice. I'm not sure if I'm understanding what you're saying... but if you haven't been able to urinate for two days, you might want to go to the ER.

As for the constipation... Here's some info:

Don't push and strain... that can cause hemorrhoids and that's a problem you DON'T want to have.

When anyone in our house is in this spot, we drink Smooth Move (peppermint, chocolate, or plain) tea. I find it's pretty gentle, but it does take anywhere from 8-12 hours to kick in. You can find it in most grocery stores and nearly every health food store. I've even seen it at GNC and several drugstores.

Constipation is common, but worst case scenario, it could be an impacted bowel, so if you're unsure or concerned about what's going on, definitely speak to a doctor, or a least a pharmacist (I think they're under-utilized).

BTW, I'm not a doctor...
Answered Sep 29, 2012
Edited Sep 29, 2012
What do u think????Its like asking "from what sea a drop of water came",,,
There are many causes related to this symptom,,,
Are u male or female?, How old are u?, Is there any pain at the abdomen or back or any other (not only during micturation)?, do u use alcohol?r u under medication treat.?
In general the most common cause of the retention is the prostatic problem(if u r male),and pelvic mass(if a female),
if meant with ur words the anuria so the presence of kidney stones is the main cause and ultrasound is suggestive to be used,,,
go to a doctor to diagnose it(the earlier the problem detected , the easier the treatment)and whenever there was no real problem then, 2b sure z better then 2b sorry,,,
Answered Sep 30, 2012
Did you try taking an enema? usually that'll clear out any un-done shit that's in there
Answered Jul 28, 2021

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