How to spell the korean for "kiss my @$$" (sounds like: choke-oh-om-oh-john-ya) in hangul?

It might not literally mean "Kiss my @$$" but you can use it that way. It sounds like choke-oh-om-oh-john-ya. It seems it'd be spelled like "첰어엄어천[이]야" in Hangul, but I know it's not. I need it in Hangul (This is Hangul: 한글), NOT romanized (In the alphabet you're reading now). 감사합니다, thank you!
Asked Sep 28, 2012
yup I`m korean and I can answer that exactly..
전 한국인이기 때문에 정확히 대답해드릴 수 있습니다만..
but I gotta be sure that 'kiss my ass' means something like 'daxn', 'shxx'.
'kiss my ass'가 '젠장', '망할'같은 뜻인지는 확실히 해야겠군요.

by the way, I wonder what does '첰어엄천이야' means.
아, 그런데 '첰어엄천이야'가 뭔지 참 궁금합니다.
there`s no word like that in Korean.
한국어에 그딴 단어는 없어요.
Answered Apr 29, 2013

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