Cups to pounds and where to find beeswax in san francisco, CA(for a cheap price!)

I know that this is a weird conversion question, but how many cups are in a pound? Also, do any of you guys know any places in San Francisco, CA that carry cheap beeswax? I've tried looking everywhere, but had no luck. Thanks!!!
P.S. I need these products because I'm trying to make lotion.Wish me luck!;)
Asked Sep 21, 2012
Edited Sep 21, 2012
Rainbow Grocery, the natural foods coop, has everything. It's on Fulsom Street near Best Buy, kind of under the bridge. I'm not sure how cheap it'll be, but it'll be the best quality you can find.

You could also try Flax or Dick Blick. Both are on Market. They might have it cheaper for artistic purposes, not sure if they'd have good enough quality to make skin care products. Dick Blick might be your best bet on price... but it's on the sketchy part of Market. There's almost always a cop at the front door. Flax is overpriced... But you can get good pastry next door.

For craft quality, you could try the Hobby Co on Geary. Never been there.
Answered Sep 23, 2012
Edited Sep 23, 2012
You can't accurately convert cups to pounds because a cup is a measurement of physical space and a pound is a measurement of weight. A cup of lead would weigh a lot more than a cup of water for example.

There are many places on the Internet that sell Beeswax. Type "beeswax" in a search box like google or yahoo.
Answered Sep 22, 2012
If i'd found something I wouldn't be asking. Duh? and I know that you can't accurately couvert it. Thats why I'm asking!!!
samkwok Sep 22, 2012
Sorry, I left my crystal ball at home today. You didn't ask how many cups of beeswax in a pound, you asked "how many cups in a pound."

1 lb of Beeswax = approx. 16 fluid ounces which is 2 cups.

Searching "buy beeswax online" produces 1,510,000 responses in Google. Take your pick.
Rob Sep 22, 2012
But I need places in San Francisco that sell it.
samkwok Sep 22, 2012

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