Bully probs at school.

I go to a catholic school and before I went there my old sister said she loves it so I will. But the first term I went out with this one guy and we just wanted to be friends, then the second term I went out with this other guy who was completely immature so I dumped him. And then I went out will this guy in third term who was really nice but her dumped me. By the end of term 3 alot people said behind my back 'oh look there is that slut' or 'omg there's the bitch from hell' and 'that girl doesn't have any friends because no one likes whores'. I told one of the teachers one day about one of my ex's bulling me after I dumped him and they sorted him out, but still every-now and Thrn people still do it. I had a fb, Skype, msn and qoohme and they all got hacked by this mean girl in my grade that doesn't like me eitherand she used to be my friend! Most days I break down crying in the bathrooms! What should I do I don't want to tell the teachers again or my parents. J even at one stage was going to cut myself.
Asked Sep 19, 2012
Young people can be very cruel. It's your parents and the school administration's job to protect you and control bullying. If you are unwilling to tell them though, what do you expect?

Most every student has experienced some form of bullying at one time or another but if you are being bullied often by a lot of your fellow students, you need to think about any possible way you might be contributing to it. When an individual does it, that's one thing. When a lot are doing it, you need to understand why.
Answered Sep 19, 2012
You definitely need to tell your parents and teachers. You can't fix this yourself, so you're going to need their help with that.
Answered Sep 19, 2012

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