Can you help me find a peer reviewed article about accuracy of information?

I am searching for a peer reviewed article that supports the stance that it is much more accurate to use accredited sites and databases for finding answers to questions than it is to ask other people, such as nurse coworkers or even physicians. The article needs to be about the inaccuracy of peer answers. I have been looking for over an hour.
Asked Sep 15, 2012
It doesn't make sense to start out with the conclusion ("The article needs to be about the inaccuracy of peer answers") and only search for facts that support your conclusion. If you want to evaluate the accuracy of medical information you have to consider both sides of the argument.

Like all opinion, the facts behind the opinion are the key. I would be much more likely to believe a medical professional that has reviewed the symptoms and all of the test results for their patient than a doctor I met at a cocktail party. He/she might be the best at their trade but any kind of troubleshooting requires putting together a series of facts. It's knowing and understanding that set of facts that makes the attending physician's opinion more valuable than a web site or the guy with the martini glass in his hand.

Answered Sep 15, 2012

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