Which of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points were included in the final peace treaties of WWI?

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Asked Sep 12, 2012
Wilson's "Fourteen Points" were made in a speech to the US Congress and influenced the terms of the German surrender but had very little influence in the series of treaties that stretched out over a number of years trying to settle the issues of World War One. The final draft of the Treaty of Versailles was more about punishment and retribution than about peace. Many of the problems remained unsolved, finally leading Europe into World War Two.

Some of his points became reality like (12) the breakup of the Ottoman Empire by nationality (other than Palestine) and (14) the formation of the League of Nations, and various evacuations and restorations. Beyond that, Wilson's influence on the actual peace agreements was minimal, possibly because of his health.

Answered Sep 12, 2012
Edited Sep 12, 2012
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