Need help finding a book!

Hello, I'm looking for a book I once read numerous time as a kid. Its fiction. All I know are some vague details and some of the plot. I remember the cover had a blond woman riding a horse in medieval armor. She join a guild or the military. She became a foot soldier. There was one chapter where she was beaten up preety badly and accuse of assulting or rape of an officer or sergent. The result was the two men found guilty of lying and was shaved from head to toe and exile for their punishment. Another scene was she was talking to one of her friend, a guy. She reveal that she doesnt want to get marry or have a lover. Another scene was the fort she was station at was be taken over and she and two other friend made a long journey back to their commander. They were ambushed by bandits and she was the only one who got away. She was nicknamed long legged after that. There was another scene where she fought an enemy where she was supposed to died when her sword connected with the opponent's cursed weapon. She was then place into a special guild that and follow a certain god. Their was another chapter of she being capture and being force to fight in a arena. After that they tried to heal her by slicing the root of her new profound evil. But she was then turn into a coward as the result. She was later healed by the gods in a shack that had all sort of plants which burned up from the ritual. There was another scene where they were waiting at a fort. She felt something was wrong. Thought the landscape was a mirror magic. She pull out her sword to call of the light of her god. The light revealed enemies. Thats all I can remember. I think the character was name Pat for shorten. Thank you for your time.
Asked Sep 10, 2012
sure it was blonde? if it was black hair it might be Xena.
Answered Sep 16, 2012

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