Journey to the centre of the earth?

If a hole went right through the centre of the earth to the other side and someone jumped down, what would happen to them once they reached the centre???
Asked Sep 09, 2012
By all theory, they would remain in the center. Gravity pulls toward the center all over the Earth.
Answered Sep 09, 2012
would the force of gravity be so powerful it would crush them??
As you approach the center, the radius of the remaining distance is decreasing so the g forces should be decreasing as you move toward the center and zero when you get there. However the density of the earth increases as you approach the center so the change wouldn't be linear. I would suspect the decreasing radius and increasing density would cancel each other somewhat and the bulk of the change would occur close to the center. Bottom line , the great challenge wouldn't be gravity, it would be all that digging. :-)
Rob Sep 10, 2012
if you got to the center you would be burned by the earths core
Kiruse Dec 10, 2012
well they you would be incinerated by the earth core
Answered Nov 26, 2012

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