Why do I invert numbers when I read them?

When I read numbers, at first glance I always invert them. This has caused some trouble when I am work pulling files, or entering information. I don't fit the criteria for dyslexia. Any one else have this problem or know what might be causing it?
Asked Sep 06, 2012
When you get an eye examination, ask if you might have an unusually long focal length when your eyes are relaxed. When you have that condition, you see double at close range. With your eyes relaxed, hold your finger up at the distance you normally read. If you see two fingers, that's a possibility. If you have to exercise the muscles in your eyes to focus at short distances, you could be seeing double numbers when your eyes are relaxed. There are eye exercises that will train your eyes to a shorter focal length.

Also, try reading short numbers as text like, 93 as "ninety three" instead of a nine and a three and reading long numbers in groups of four numbers, like 28376593 would be "twenty eight thirty seven," "sixty five ninety three."
Answered Sep 06, 2012

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