Is writing a letter to ask someone out a bad idea?

I attended a performance at a small local theatre over the holiday weekend. One of the actresses just grabbed my attention. I was wondering if it would be socially acceptable to write a letter and mail it to the theatre in order to ask the actress out to lunch. I don't have another way of talking to her and I was afraid that hanging out till she left the back stage area would be a little too much. I could use any help anyone can offer as to what I should do or not do.
Asked Sep 03, 2012
It would surprise me if she accepted such an invitation from someone she doesn't know. If you decide to try that, inviting her to bring a friend would improve your chances and including a dozen roses with the invitation might help too.
Answered Sep 03, 2012
You were correct, she did not respond at all to either the letter or the roses.
DarthOz Sep 14, 2012
In my view, it works better if you get to know a person first before trying to date them. If she's a good actress you may be falling for the character she plays while her true personality is something entirely different.
Rob Sep 15, 2012

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