How do I know if I'm gay or not

How do I know if I'm gay or not I have masterbated to gay porn and female porn and have fingered my self and used dildos and it feels good but I am atracted to giguys'll well as guys I have fantisized about being with a guy too am I gay or straight I am so confused
Asked Sep 02, 2012
Why is it necessary to put a label on yourself? Just go with the flow until it becomes obvious to you, and it will. For now, adopt Popeye's old line, "I Yam, who I Yam." :-)
Answered Sep 03, 2012
Edited Sep 03, 2012
I don't want to sond blunt but that's call being bi. It's not that bad, more options :D
Answered Oct 21, 2012
You sound like a dang fool, like an a**hole making a stupid joke, and having all these gay fools respond to it lol---being gay is a stupid trend!!!
Answered Dec 28, 2012
as long as you like consensual sex with people of an appropriate age, no one has the right to demand that you make a descision. they'll try to, and its hard to fight for your right to your own identity, but just remember its private, personal, and doesn't have to conform to anything. Humans make up words like gay and straight to try to approximate an understanding of real human nature- to try to make your human nature conform to the language is to defeat the purpose. Be proudly human, and you will know how to love.
Answered Feb 05, 2013
I'm proving this answer personally as a gay man (43), as a Counselor working with GLBT teens and as a former Public Health RN who has worked in and research in sex research.
I'm not sure of your age, but I'm assuming your between 13-17, a teen. Sex and it's expression whether it be jacking off, watching porn, or simply fantasying about having sex with someone or general, is not limited because of orientation (perceived or actual). Sex is also separate from orientation and gender. There are many Str8 men who tremendously enjoy getting fucked in the ass either by a strap on dildo worn by their wife, girlfriend or fuck buddy (male or female), or by fucking themselves with their favorite dildo, toy or their own fingers.
Surprisingly, men in general, just like sex, period. Especially when the sex involves direct stimulation of their cock and balls. Many men who identify as Str8 have a guy fuck buddy on the side. This is becoming the norm finally in the US but has long been the norm in most European countries, parts of Mexico, South and Central America and most of Africa and Asia. Sex among men is nothing new. Men having sex with each other for centuries. This isn't gay or bi sex, it's just sex.
For you, you enjoy having physical sex with guys but occasional like watching women getting fucked or perhaps masturbating. This is normal. Like both cock and women :) So you happen to like cock more, well you know what you like :)
Learn more about guys, learn how to give head better, find out where on your body touching feels good. A little unknown male G-Spot is the area located directly between your butthole and right at the base of where your ball sac ends, this is the perennial area and there's a fold of nerves there that can be gently stroked and caressed while your jacking off. It can also be licked by a nice warm tongue as your wanking. Also your ball sac is really sensitive to any stimuli. So, explore your body and his :) Enjoy the fun :)
Answered Jun 26, 2014
you're bi
Answered Jun 26, 2014

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