Can a parent sue the son for not paying back $7,000?

So, I have a friend who is so afraid of owing his father $7,000 and afraid his father would sue him if he did not pay back this money. According to the law, can a parent sue the son for not paying back $7,000?
Asked Sep 02, 2012
His father surely can file a lawsuit against him.

Whether the father can win a judgement in his favor will depend the evidence showing the money was intended as a debt, not a gift and that the child was old enough to enter into a legal contract at the time of the loan. If the child signed a loan agreement and is an adult, he owes the money.

That still doesn't mean the father can get the money back. Once the court passes judgement that he owes the money, the child still has to own something worth 7 grand for the father to collect. With all of the power the courts have, there is no provision in the system for getting, "blood out of a turnip." :-)

Answered Sep 02, 2012

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