I need a new style, I don't know which clothes to buy someone please help?

I always wear skinny jeans not super tight with a shirt and I want a new look. I always end up buying the same clothes. Can some please help?
Asked Sep 02, 2012
Ok sorry my fault im 15,gay the new lookk I guess more really hipster
How can I change the look with out knowing about you,your age and the type of change you want????
The style can be change by the same type of cloth, but with different type of cuts and design I like to choose things my self separately, and also some change in ur character make the change be better,,,
emm lets suggest,,,
The jeans change to leather, and jacket same with printed T-shirt,,,Shoes is sport dark colours, or double dark and light as opposite but classic, if u like a cap the black with lines in white is OK. ,hair stile is urs now,,

The shirt differ with differentiating the colors,,,

look at these the same as I gave there is some ideas can be taken from the whole picture,,,



number 2 in:


If u still want a detail in these ideas, I need to know more about u to give suggestions that suits u and ur personality,,,
Answered Sep 02, 2012
Dylan. not fault just needed info.
Cute given, but half needed info. not a big deal now,,,see that picture with somehow skinny sweater
with the
these are most likely acceptable among people,,,
or to use scarves
whitish sweater,
with somehow like that
with a skinny leather trouser and the long shoes,,,
then the hair style complete the look..
My4649 Sep 02, 2012
(can be long not straight and the cap to the side if used)
y don't u look for the written above in 1st answer u may also find ideas those were picture of general look..
the change of the picture on the shirt and the jacket trans to the hipster look and the colour of the hair,type of cap works...
y not to change the use of jeans and shirt design and by change the size the shoes length ...etc there would b difference,,,,

anything more u want tell, and I'll go on just I don't want 2 make too pooring long answers more then those for u...
My4649 Sep 02, 2012
Dylan, I'm a girl. Almost 15.
I always get stuck buying the same clothes you do. Skinny jeans and a shirt. What you could do to change your style is keep the skinny jeans, get some brightly colored shirts, plaid shirts, and some bright shoes (vans are great on guys, I even wear them) that match the bright shirts, and maybe a pair of black converse to match the plaid shirts. (If that's your style) but my friend is gay, he wears the brightly colored stuff and plaid all the time. He looks great in it too! I don't know how much this helps, but I recommend it. And maybe even get some regular jeans and another pair of shoes that you can tuck the front of the jeans into . It looks pretty great. Just a few things I've admired on gay guys. (:
Answered Jun 09, 2013
There is no issue in continuing your current style, although it's a great decision to even consider trying new styles. I will try to suggest few from my end, look what suits you.

I would suggest rather than completely switching your style, you can do few trial error stylings.

1. Full Sleeves/ Doctor sleeves T-shirt - As you are already wearing skinny jeans, it will make sense to try this first (https://www.amazon.in/WEECARE-DOCTOR-SLEEVE-TISHIRT-PLAIN/dp/B01F3PVOP6)

2. Can try stretchable monkey jeans - Would go with your physique (assuming your current dressing style)

3. Try half sleeve round neck t-shirts - It looks more casual and comfortable in almost all the occasions (even at home)

4. Can try few hair styling, from experts or from online blogs to match your clothings.

At the end I would say, you need to try and experiment there is no perfect or generic solution. Do not copy anyone, but I would suggest you to take suggestions from experts and also try reading fashion trends blogs for men online (http://awesomemen.cinthol.com/lifestyle/5-trends-need-watch-new-year/)

Answered Nov 13, 2018

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