I'm young and I don't know if I'm gay or not I am a girl and I think I'm attracted to my best friend

So my best friend we will call
Her B well B is always telling me that if I go bi on her that she will kill me and that to never go lez on her and we were talking about Demi Lovato once and I said I think she likes girls and B was like I don't know how I feel about girls likening other girls vjjs isn't t weird and I was like yah, then when we spend the night with eachother every time we go to bed she wraps her legs around mine, she claims that she needs to do that to go to sleep and she dose it to her bro and me but no one else so I'm 13 and she is 15 but were rlly close and she always tells me about guys and sexual stuff like that she also told me that she thought it was gross kissing her bf one time. She is sporty and girlie and I'm just all sporty
Asked Sep 01, 2012
Ur young it shouldn't matter what she does to you, trying something new is awesome. And if she does that talking bout boys and sexuality then I guess she wants to try something new. Ur her bff and u never knw. But if u idk if she likes u, flirt with her sometimes and if she flirts back u should get the idea to flirt alot and maybe and just maybe u too could kiss. I dnt knw I'm new at this do what u gotta do.
Answered Sep 10, 2012
Dosn't sound like she is a lesbian, sounds all innocent, she problli wraps her legs around u cuz she sees u like her sister since she does it with her brother...why do u think ur gay?
Answered Dec 28, 2012
Yea she prob thinks your a sis to her
well if someone says they'll kill you if you go bi or lesbian, they're probably not the person you want to try experimenting with. what they do about it really can hurt- bullying is a very real thing. but you can learn about yourself from the experience and keep that knowledge with you. since you're only 13 though, you're only at the beginning of your sexual development and shouldn't rush into anything. even into adulthood patience and pacing are neccessary parts of any relationship, anyway, so you might as well practice them now.
Answered Feb 05, 2013
ok I tell you one thing if a girl wraps her legs around u t hat's mean's she like you u should ask her that do u love me if she say no just walk away
Answered Jul 14, 2013
She doesn't sound lesbian it sounds more like she thinks of you As a sister. And about you liking her its probably because you aren't use to girls wrapping there legs around you so you aren't sure how to feel and at 13 years you are to young to know if you are lesbian, bi or straight. I only just came to a conclusion that I'm bi.
Answered Sep 24, 2013
the sis thing is most likely correct. its awesome being part of the lgbtq community. dont worry bout bullies, they arent worth your time. if she found kissing her bf gross, try having her experiment with another girl maybe, and if she likes that more, she could be les...but if she still has a liking to guys, and dates them, then she is bi. your sexuality is dependent on if you are attracted to male, or female or both. if you are attracted to female only then you are les, both you are bi, and just guys your straight. Im 15, and I came out to my friends in grade 7, so one year younger than you. I always hung out with guys in elementary school, and never liked guys, I felt like I was one of em. so good luck in everything. ;)
Answered Feb 16, 2014

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