How can I ask a girl if she likes me(im a girl)?

So theres this girl I like and right now im a freshman and shes a junior. I know shes bisexual but I think she likes a guy. I have one class with and I dont know how to talk to her or what to say to her. I really like and I want to go out with but I dont know where to start.
Asked Sep 01, 2012
Instead of fretting over it, just ask her. She may turn you down but it will let her know you're interested. It may take her a little time for her to absorb the idea but if she has any interest in you at all, she'll come around. The worst possible thing that can happen is that you end up back where you are right now.

The people that get the most dates are the ones that ask most often and the ones that get no dates are the ones that never ask. So, where do you start?
Answered Sep 01, 2012
That sounds pretty good but I've never done it before and I never have s good time to talk to her :/

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