How Long can a baby stay in the mothers stomach?

And how much longer could it be over 8 months ???
Asked Sep 01, 2012
Edited Sep 01, 2012
There have been a few as long as 11 months but the normal gestation period for humans is between 36 and 40 weeks.
Answered Sep 01, 2012
Really 11 mouths
9 to 9 1/2 months is considered "on time."
Rob Sep 01, 2012
But Rob the 11 months baby may need cesarean section,,,normally 10 month and 1 week is the most to have normal delivery,,,
My4649 Sep 02, 2012
The question was, "How long CAN a baby stay in the mothers stomach," not how long WILL it stay there in today's maternity hospitals. In historical accounts there have been some that long. The reason we don't see that today is that doctors manually break the water and induce labor when the mother is ready or go to the cesarean option. Those choices were not available in earlier times.
Rob Sep 02, 2012
I know that but at that earlier time the non delivered baby to that long took his and his mom life together with, only few % live...
and I read the Q. I know all what asked but I'm talking to u comment is on ur ans. so for u,,, still my way not acceptable??? :( I like it...
I obeyed and write answers down in the ans. box as u told me...
My4649 Sep 02, 2012
Meddle for ur information just:
The 8 mo. baby is not good to've him deliver, he'll suffer from the loss of surfactant, so usually to talk about baby say 7mo. and that over 9 mo. to 10 mo.
how long the baby stay he stay as long as the uterus can keep him,,, depending on the mother hormones and then uterine function,,if u like to let him in more then 11 is possible,,but only one time I saw that in a women from village but she suffered later after delivery,,,
Answered Sep 02, 2012
emm by the way baby is in the (((uterus))) and stay inside it till delivery time, not in (((stomach))) (stomach with HCl never keep a child!!!) ^^
My4649 Sep 02, 2012

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