I want to have sex with my elder cousin sister 10years elder to me

my cousin is 10 year older to me ,married and mom of two..recently I got an interest to make her attracted to me.this idea came to my mind as she was showing her boo booes to me thru her skirt.then,i have shown her my erection and she always sits by my side to see those.and I hope that she has never told about it to anyone.but she shows no reaction to it.but she comes and sit at the same place to see me.ithink she is interested.i know she is watching those abd we usually taalk very well..she often ask he about the dress she wear ,whether its matching or not.i used to tell her to be sexy in her wears.when we ride on bikes she often presses her bbbb to my back in a way it acidently happend.woulkd someone help me o on how to carry this to sex.any cousin girl can help with the answers..
Asked Sep 01, 2012
Thanks for ur comments put forward to help me.i don't know how those came to my mind.i m trying to get away from this but can't.Even I was thinking the same not to have a relation, but in this case is different I don't know why this is happening.anyways let me try to keep away from this thoughts.now I am staying with them might be the reason for...........she makes me attract again if I leave this mind
It would probably help to find another place to stay...
... and stop the inappropriate contact...
no I cant leave this place coz im workin here nearby..it too far from ma home
Who knows what's going on in her head to to make her behave that way but what you write makes her look really bad. She is an adult, ten years older than you, married, has children and she's your cousin. Any one of those four issues would be good reason why you should leave her alone but when put together, they spell disaster. Sex within a family always ends up creating huge problems and if you are a minor, she can go to jail for it.

Some times the worse thing that can happen is for your dreams to come true.

Answered Sep 01, 2012
I agree with Rob. She doesn't sound good at all. If she'll hurt her husband and her children, there's no good reason she won't hurt you. Your feelings will go away. Look for someone more suitable.

And if all you want is sex, then I suggest finding it someplace where it won't destroy a family.
Answered Sep 01, 2012
Edited Sep 01, 2012
my cousin ended up having sex with me, didn't destroy the family, me and my cousin keep this between us but every time I go in my room in her house she comes into my room jobs me, puts the condom on me then I get nailed, I need help to stop this, but rob is right though.
Answered Apr 16, 2013
To stop that maybe you shouldn't let her have sex with you! Or tell somone
Listen. rob I agree. I'm 24 and never had sex with anyone from my family. She might lead you into an abusive relationship
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Aap apni bahen k sath khulke sex kar sakte hai usme koi burai nhi vo bhi kisi aur k sath nhi aur aap bhi kahi aur ladkion me sex kare ye sb salta rahta hai me khud apne bhai k sath chood Suki hu aap mujhe se batt kar sakte hai Instagram page pe
Answered Mar 30, 2020

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