How can I get my picture to stop rolling on my bunker hill 68332 security system.

IT was working fine and then the picture started rolling and will not stop I already tryed a diferent monitor and that did not work. Nothing in the trouble shooting about this.
Asked Aug 28, 2012
I have the same problem and I didn't try to reset or reboot because I need to reveiw previouse recordings due to a theft.Also with plcture rolling I cant click onto Apply so I cant get anywhere further. Tech support says its greenboard is burnt out but didn't tell me how to get a new one to replace it if that is the only sollution. PLEASE someone HELP me Tony in fall river Ma.
rex44 Jan 17, 2014
I am have the same problem .. I even got an old TV from the flea market that has the vertical hold adjustment knob and adjusted it to where it would stop rolling . but still could not fix the box
tuner Nov 20, 2016
Any solution to this? I'm having the same problem.
Answered Sep 05, 2012
Bunker Hill Tech Support:


[email protected]
Answered Sep 05, 2012

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