Why is my girlfriend insisting on not having sex with me.

My girlfriend refuse to have sex with me, instead she tells me to go to other girls and we have been together for the past eight month . Wath should I do I'm really confuce.
Asked Aug 26, 2012
If she is suggesting you date other girls, she wants out, she's just trying to let you down easy. The fact is, she's no longer your "girlfriend."
Answered Aug 26, 2012
Edited Aug 26, 2012
Why is a question u need to talk to her and understand y,,, I think she accept kiss..,.,..before but just sex no, (if no to all so not a girlfriend from the beginning)
there are many suggestions one of them that she is not interesting in u, she 've a problem and prefer to let u don't know, or as Rob tell no longer in love with u,,,
To b sure there is the direct way to ask, or the indirect which is to go out with another girl if u find her jealous (e.g. keep looking at u, and being n stress) then there is something made her refuse,,
But if she don't care, then go away and leave her, things are over, and she is just trying to make them in cute way...
Answered Aug 26, 2012
Teemix Aug 26, 2012
U r welcome,,,^-^
My4649 Aug 26, 2012

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