What is a good character name for this boy?

So I am writing a book called Trashman and I just started it and its about this 17 year old girl named Jessie whose parents are rich but she instead of loving fancy things she loves rock music and hot pink and black clothes, she is not a bad person just different. the family's butler used to be a trashman but he got fired and found this family when her parents were pregnant with Jessie. The man who replaced Freddie (the butler) just died so Freddie went to the funeral with Jessie and a 17 year old boy will take over the family business as a trashman to earn the little money they are making for the family. Soon that boy will fall in love with Jessie and they will secretly go out together without Jessie's parents knowing. what is a good character name for the 17 year old boy trashman?
thanks for the help
Asked Aug 25, 2012
U r the person who writes, so the name better to choose it yourself, that make the story warmheartedness in the reader sense, as an advice in stories there is no need to make true names, just originate it from his character,,,the name don't make the person, but the good plot in making it,,,
My4649 Aug 25, 2012
Jason . Every guy named Jason that I know is sexcii !
Answered Aug 26, 2012

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