What are the rules?

I want to know how to deal with this website?
what is accepted and what is not...
I want more detail about it, if u could accept to tell coz. I had something that I didn't get about it....
I'm sorry 4 poking nose into it, I just didn't find what I want by my own search....
with thank...
Asked Aug 23, 2012
The eHelp rules:

* No questions that promote products or web sites.
* No posting of identifying information like Name, address, telephone, email or social media contact info.
* No abusive or disrespecting posts directed toward other users.
* No posts that are judged to be inconsistent with the stated mission of the site: To provide clear and useful answers to the questions asked here.

Questions, answers and comments that violate the rules are removed and in some rare cases repeat offenders can be barred from the site.

Answered Aug 23, 2012
Edited Aug 23, 2012
Thank u v.much...
Did I made something like that? and that made a question I read before and ans. erased! I don't think I did that, but may b I didn't concentrate? even that I don't mean others c the word not the heart so what Mrs.?or if others did so in the same Q. that'll cause that erasing?
with sorry to annoy,,,but this thing is bothering me and I wish to know? pardon,,,
My4649 Aug 23, 2012
If questions are removed, all answers and comments go with it. That doesn't mean the person answering or commenting did anything wrong.

I don't recall a question of yours being removed and you are correct, the people on this end can only see the words, we have no way to accurately know the intent. I'm sure there have been cases where questions have been taken out unfairly. If you ask the question as clearly as you can, that helps to insure that it will not be misunderstood.
Rob Aug 23, 2012
It is not mine, :( it just happened that I read it& gave an answer for i...
I do conc. on my Q. and I won't say wrongly! I don't have other then normal Q. , but the ans. z what may contain what may be misunderstood..

The unclear Q that may b wrong 2 b asked once anyone read it,,,I also think that they should b erased, or who read it 'll think this wrong z acceptable in this website making wrong thought about it,,but what I answered stayed 1 day & this made me ask what is the problem is it my ans.or there would b another who ans. & said wrong..
really thank u and sorry 2 bother in some detail unnecessary,may b I should ask other Q. that r helpful and useful, but this is something that I care about more then knowledge which can b even in library then the understanding of a fault, done...(no way to keep correct once u don't know what is it, or no one tell u about it )
thank u v.v.much ^-^
My4649 Aug 23, 2012

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