What are some creative ideas on how I can ask her for another chance?

Around 4 months ago me and this girl broke up because she said that things were getting awkward between us
Which I cant blame her because for awhile me and her weren't talking to much because I was caught up in this huge thing between me and my family

The day she broke up with me I was just about to apologize and explain why things were the way they were, but I didnt really get a chance to because as soon as she did she just kinda left and we didnt really talk for awhile

2 months ago me, her, and a bunch of friends went on this trip and one of them brought up that she was my ex and she just kind of looked over to me and then to the person who said it and said "yeah....thanks" and sounded bummed about it and even recently we started talking a bit more and it feels like she might still be interested in me

I really want to try to get her back but the only thing is I dont know how
So what are some ideas other than just talking to her (which i'll do if I cant really find any other way)
Asked Aug 23, 2012
Call her and ask to meet her somewhere to discuss it like, "Hey I'd like to talk to you." Meet her with just the two of you. No friends
Answered Aug 23, 2012
May be "a present of apology" can help ! I'm not sure it could help coz. I don't know what type she is? but u can try to write on ur feel and ask for her forgiveness that it was not by mean to ignore her,,,with a present - try to make it what she like - and not given by direct or by other friends no need to make them share what is not their business and may trouble later on,,,
This is the only way I use if I won't talk directly,
but I can tell the same as Mrs.Rob talk to her in a private conversation and try to let her accept to go out with u, she still care but she has a broken heart of that uncared done,,,this way help to solve problems in better ways...
Answered Aug 23, 2012
If you can sing and she likes that too, make a song for her, and bring her somewhere special(or something she likes doing) for example go to a park while it's dark and you see the stars. Then let her listen to the song and give her a written version so she can read it later when she is at home and after that talk with her. (Just an idea) Hope the best happens for you guys!
Answered Dec 09, 2016

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