How do I deal with this situation read details please

everyone keeps telling me that this guy in my class like me and he always look at me, anyway he is kina cute and I dont know how to ask him or how to deal with this situation.

Asked Aug 21, 2012
emmm,,,let's ask some question u should answer them to ur self 1st:
- who he is for u,
- what do u like from him?
- do he only look at u or do same to others
- how do u dream about ur future BF
- what is the step he did to talk with u and did he mentioned anything related?
** Tide ur ideas about him and ur real opinion
Now to ask him u can ask indirectly by the way of group each one give what he think about the other and c what he will say and how to say it and his way give explanation
If that analysis don't help u than try to ask him a favor that u know others not would accept easily if he did welcome without a think so there is a feeling but he don't know the way,
If you also don't like this way then try to go direct to make conversation with him on subjects then with time on the think about u make it as a joke that u are .....(any character u know know that u don't have it but other may believe that u could have(e.g. "i know that I'm doing in childish way that bothers many times 4 u"))so he would directly say that no, u r not.....and so u rise the level of ur what he think about u, what he believe as good in u,,,(u can add that u like to here his ans if u want to tell that u 've some feeling towards him)...with this steps u can have a result....
then go the direct Q on the idea u asked about as what u r for him...
these rising up is within days not in the same day,,,,
Answered Aug 22, 2012
thanks for the advice but I dont like him he liks me
You should just be really nice to him, if he asks you out tell him you value your friendship with him. He could end up being a successful guy you like later on so be nice and talk to him you will make his day! :) Can you please answer my question..? I need help asap.
Answered Dec 23, 2013
be nice to him and if you have a phone, text him! how old are you? like are people dating yet? you know when you like someone because you get all weird around them or at least think to yourself "he just walked in..." when he comes in a room. if you like him and he likes you, he will ask you out and it will go on from there.

i posted my first question a couple min ago and I need help... please answer??
Answered Jan 20, 2014

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